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Monument Hill Country Club Golf Instruction

Monument Hill CC offers instructional programs that will accommodate all types of golfers.

Please Contact either of our two golf professionals to schedule your lesson today!

Debbie Zamprelli
LPGA Golf Instructor
(720) 838-8456.

Russ Herndon
Golf Instructor 

Nick Patterson
1st Assistant


FREE 15 Minute Golf Lesson
June 20th 8:30am – 4pm
Tiger Woods talked about it.  Tour Players use it.  NOW the #1 video analysis software used to capture, compare and improve your performance is available at Monument Hill Country Club.
If you’re interested in improving, contact Russ Herndon, PGA, Director of Instruction, at
(719) 641-4063

Signup sheet is in the Golf Pro Shop
For additional information and to view many instructional video’s go to

Russ Herndon, Director of Instruction here with a video lesson.
This week I thought I'd address the pre-shot routine.  Having a pre-shot routine is critical, having a consistent pre-shot routine even more so, especially when putting.  I hope you find this lesson useful.

Click here to view this lesson …
You can reach me at (719) 641-4063.  To see more of my instructional videos please visit
If you have requests for instructional videos please let me know.  Until next time I'll see you on the practice tee.
Have a great day,
Russell Herndon, PGA
Director of Instruction
Monument Hill Country Club
18945 Pebble Beach Way
Monument, CO 80132
Clubhouse: (719) 481-2272
Direct: (719) 641-4063